jeudi 27 septembre 2007

second episode

There was a lot of action this week ! Ryan ran away of Cohen’s house because there was some frictions with the mother of the family. She didn’t trust him. So Ryan, helping by Seth Cohen, decided to go at a house under construction. The contractor of that house was Kirsten Cohen, the mother of Seth. But, her plan for this house was cancelled. On the road Ryan and Seth met their friend Marissa and she helped Ryan with his secret project. So, the Cohen’s family called the police to find Ryan. Seth didn’t tell the truth. The following day Marissa’s boyfriend saw her with Ryan in the house under construction and fight with Ryan because he was jalous of him. It was a big fight, the candles drop down and burn the house. At the end, the police officers found Ryan and Marissa’s boyfriend and they brought the guys at the police office.

jeudi 6 septembre 2007

The Beginning

I chose to watch a popular American program, The O.C. I chose this tv program because a lot of people told me to watch this program. So, I never did. It’s a good occasion for me to watch it and enjoy it at my turn. By this tv program I hope to learn more about Californian life. Because, the story takes place in Newport Beach, in the heart of Orange County (O.C.), California.
The main character is Ryan Atwood. He is a troubled teen from the wrong side of the tracks. In the first episode, after a bad event, he was thrown out of his own house and he finds a place at Cohen’s place. They are a family in the high-class society. Ryan will be obligated to adapt himself to this new life and to the new people he will meet.

jeudi 30 août 2007